Lokstadt Winterthur

Four licenses for Swiss Casinos, one new one in Winterthur

At its session on November, 29, 2023, the Federal Council decided on the granting of casino licenses for the period from 2025 to 2044. It granted Swiss Casinos four licenses for its locations in Zurich, St. Gallen and Pfäffikon (with an online casino) and a new one for Winterthur.

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Happy Togo

Happy Togo

We are committed!

Employees of Swiss Casinos founded the «Happy Togo» association in 2015. It supports the development and operation of a model farm in Togo, which is run by local experts and villagers. Together with our financial and specialist support, they are developing sustainable models for small-scale tropical farming. Togo, in West Africa, is one of the poorest countries in the world and scores very low on the World Happiness Index. With this project, we hope to share some of our happiness with the people in the village.